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In the news

August 1, 2009 -- “Economists Explain the Stimulus”
Jeff Rosensweig, director of the Global Perspectives Program and associate professor of finance, was one of two economists featured in a Q&A debate on the economic stimulus. Rosensweig argued the “pro” side, saying, “I’m for [the stimulus], but with caveats because of its approach to small business. Without a stimulus, I fear our economy could slide into the abyss.”

Financial Times
July 20, 2009 -- “Scans of students put ethics into EMBA”
Rick Gilkey, a psychiatrist and associate professor in the practice of organization & management, was featured in an article on brain mapping and leadership development. Gilkey scans the brains of Executive MBA students and uses the information to develop pedagogical frameworks for teaching students about ethical behavior in the workplace.

The New York Times
July 11, 2009 -- “Buying high and selling low”
A study co-authored by Ilia Dichev, chaired professor of accounting, “Higher Risk, Lower Returns: What Hedge Fund Investors Really Earn,” was discussed in reference to hedge fund investors’ poor record in timing the market.

NPR’s “Morning Edition”
July 7, 2009 -- “Can expanding food stamps jolt the economy?”
Ray Hill, assistant professor in the practice of finance, commented on the effects of a beefed up federal food stamp program: “This injection of funds [through the federal economic stimulus] ends up being spent on food, and that has a multiplier effect through the economy.”

July 2, 2009 -- “Business courses for go-getters”
Joey Reiman, adjunct faculty and founder and CEO of BrightHouse, commented on the development of critical thinking skills in Goizueta’s BBA course “Ideation,” which requires students to devise creative solutions to thorny business problems: “This is a course on thinking, which is not a core competency in American business.”

Georgia Public Radio
June 26, 2009 -- “At-Work”
Brandon Smith, adjunct faculty in management communications, is a frequent guest on the weekly show, which discusses workplace and career issues such as networking and the
sacrifices people make for their career.

Financial Times
June 15, 2009 -- “Top notch advice with a budget price tag”
Reshma Shah, assistant professor in the practice of marketing, commented on the surge of companies seeking to hire Goizueta students to work on internal projects: “In a typical week, I hear from five companies, whereas two years ago, I’d get one request every two weeks. The demand is there . . . These students have relevant, recent experience.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
May 8, 2009 -- “Biggest Georgia bank must add capital”
Dean Larry Benveniste discussed the results of federal government stress tests on the nation’s 19 largest banks, including SunTrust. According to Benveniste, the results “suggest that banks are healthier than people feared.” Benveniste added that the stress tests were intended to boost rather than undermine confidence in the nation’s banking system.

April 11, 2009 -- “Consignment stores and businesses that fare well during recession”
Charlie Goetz, senior lecturer in organization & management, commented on competition and the prospects for new businesses during an economic downturn: “In a recession even though demand goes down, competitors actually drop much faster. So that if you start a business in bad times, by the time the economy starts to turn around, you’re actually positioned well.”

Financial Times
April 6, 2009 -- “Internet-savvy leaders waiting in the wings”
Andrea Hershatter, associate dean, commented on the characteristics of iPoders: “They don’t feel entitled because they are special. They just want to have those who are closest to them support their quest to achieve and accomplish meaningful goals.”

Fox News Network
March 26, 2009 -- “FedEx fed up?”
Tom Smith, assistant professor of finance, was interviewed on Fox News regarding FedEx’s opposition to legislation under consideration by Congress that would change the shipping company’s legal status to one similar to UPS’s, making it easier for unions to organize: “The immediate impact would be higher wages for all these people loading boxes on airplanes.”

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