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U.S. News survey
US News survey
EMBA program ranks twelfth

The workplace redefined
Debating the work environment of the '90s at the WorkLife Symposium

Jim Gentry '56BBA retires
Farewell after thirty-four years

Awards & accomplishments

E-commerce is it
More MBAs and BBAs are placing into e-commerce

Goizueta hosts AACSB
School facilities showcased

Coffee klatches
Coffee and conversation strengthen Goizueta community

Summer 1999

Cover Story
Future Shock
by Sharla A. Paul

Feature Stories
E-mail From the Edge
by Maria Mallory

Core Confidence
by Jane Howell

Goizueta Magazine, Summer 1999

In Brief
Being there
Lead Weeks take students out of the classroom and into corporate board rooms

Building core competence
Goizueta expands its faculty and management ranks with associate deans, faculty experts, and new directors

BBAs build E-expertise
Course taught by Goizueta alums gives BBAs e-commerce experience

Merger of business and media
Strategy makers at major media outfits discuss business online

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From the Dean
Dean Tom Robertson
A summer of change

"People always overestimate the impact of technology in the short run, and underestimate it in the long run."

Dean's Speaker Michael Golden '84MBA, vice chair and senior vice president, The New York Times Company, speaks to students

The Network
Jeffrey Lindsey '89MBA
A market maven at Putnam

Jason Foster '91BBA
Lisa Holsclaw '81BBA
Removing the mystery from marketing in China

Sandra Jimenez '93EMBA
Pioneering the knowledge management field


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